Cancellation & Refund Policy

Any individual who has made a gift/donation on the website may apply for a refund or cancellation against any specific transaction at

Should a donor wish to discuss a refund of their donation or apply for a cancellation of a specific transaction-

  • In case a transaction is suspected to be un-authorised Bhukailash Welfare Center may ask for certain documentations such as – the actual owner’s IP address, email address, date and amount of transaction, transaction details such as the receipts received on his email ID from or, email received from his/her bank/credit card company, an email explaining about the reason for applying for cancellation, credit card / debit card / bank statement as a proof of the transaction and other relevant documentations to suffice the fact that the transaction was un-authorized.
  • In-case a transaction is considered as un-authorized, Bhukailash Welfare Center may also insist the genuine account holder to lodge a legal complaint with the details & proofs which might be provided from Bhukailash Welfare Center, such as IP address from which the transaction occurred, proofs, documents or evidence – i.e. in case there had been any communication made over the phone or exchange of emails between Bhukailash Welfare Center and the person who executed such unauthorised transaction. The original account holder might also have to suffice us with a copy of that complaint letter.
  • All application for cancellation or refund must reach us at within 10 days from the date of transaction. The subject line of the email should be “Application for refund/cancellation against DONATION”.
  • In case a cancellation request or appeal for refund is made to Bhukailash Welfare Center after 10 days, then there are possibilities that you (donor / actual account holder) might get the amount reverted to his (donor / actual account holder) account after deductions like gateway charges, bank charges, conversion charges, administrative fees and other charges as applicable. Bhukailash Welfare Center shall not be held responsible to pay the full amount (including the deductions against gateway charges or taxes or fees as applicable) of transaction, in case a transaction has been initiated, processed and considered as complete.
  • While issuing a refund, through a refund request or cancellation request, made by any donor or account holder, Bhukailash Welfare Centre shall not hold back any share of the transaction in discussion but shall not be responsible for the charges already deducted by mediator processing organisation/s while performing/completing the transaction.
  • In case of fund crisis of the donor due to some natural disaster, disability due to accident post to donation/transaction date, the donor must write us within 10 days from making the transaction at requesting for a refund / cancellation. Bhukailash Welfare Center usually do not intend to retain / register / forcefully continue to maintain professional or personal relation with unhappy donors and thereby usually is lenient is approving a refund/cancellation request but reserves the full right to make a conclusion.
  • Once the refund has been made by Bhukailash Welfare Center, it would take at least 72 hours for the donor / account holder to receive the transaction amount (mostly after deducting unavoidable charges) and is also dependant on the bank policies and holidays (including weekends).
  • Bhukailash Welfare Center reserves the right to, whether accept or decline any gift / donation. This might happen for instance – Bhukailash Welfare Center receives an alert from their gateway provider which is CCAvenue considering a transaction as “high-risk”.
  • Bhukailash Welfare Center reserves the right, whether to issue a refund or approve an application for cancellation. A donation or a gift, transfers ownership of the money from the donor to Bhukailash Welfare Center (The charity). Once the transfer is made, Bhukailash Welfare Center is obliged to use the gift / donation in carrying out its charitable purposes. On occasion, though, Bhukailash Welfare Center may be obliged by law or the gateway provider or the fund processing companies to return gifts / donations to donors. This might happen for instance, when a transaction has been initiated without providing all relevant documentations or due to unintentional typo-errors made by a donor.
  • In-case a donor’s request for cancellation is approved or while issuing a refund to a donor, the amount refunded shall/might be – after the deduction of all charges as applicable i.e. gateway-charges, bank-charges, conversion charges, tax, Government charges, fees etc.
  • Bhukailash Welfare Center reserves the right to imply penalties against false claims, unnecessary harassments, providing misleading information, delay over 10 days from the transaction date while applying for a cancellation or requesting for refund.
  • During the course of any refund request processing or cancellation processing, you need to maintain contact with us through our email support or through a phone call to our live support department and comply with our requests.