Future Plans

As a Welfare society we are mainly concentrating on activities like cultural, economic, education, and health camp for the betterment of the poor and needy. Our main aim is to look after the underprivileged people who do not have resources for both health treatment and child welfare.

Though we are a small organization but yet we believe that to grow, the first thing we must implement is – provide all donors the satisfaction regarding their fund or how it is getting utilized.

Transparency is the key to it.

This is the place where from 1st June 2016 we would start broadcasting live feeds (twice daily during lunch & dinner) where all donors worldwide shall be facilitated to view and monitor our activity on a daily basis. What it actually means is that – while we serve meals to unprivileged children, we will start the broadcast so that you may attain the peace by viewing those children getting fed through your donations. All information shall be mentioned at this site 24 hours prior to broadcasting & off course it would be absolutely complementary for you. All you need is a broadband connection from your end & little time to spend watching them.

We feel proud to be the first charitable organization to provide live feed to our donors in order to maintain transparency & declaration of the utilization of their funds.