Our Events

Emergency Hospital
Bhukailash had set up an emergency hospital for the poor and underprivileged people at Kolkata, West Bengal, India from the 8th January 2016 till 17th January 2016.The purpose was to provide free of cost treatment round the clock for 24 hours for people below poverty-line.
Bhukailash also arranged for a special Eye Clinic mainly for the unprivileged elderly people who cannot afford for a proper eye check-up or cataract operation.
This hospital provides immediate treatment for people of different age groups. This is in keeping with the organization’s principles of being more inclined towards health and education. This hospital was fully equipped with a number of beds and a round the clock pharmacy that helped in the speedy distribution of medicines upon requirement.
We have been doing this service every year during winter for the last 2 & half decades.
Clothes Distribution
Bhukailash had organized a blanket distribution event where blankets and woollen clothes were being distributed among the poor who are almost without any permanent shelter during winter.

Each year there are deaths recorded during winter in many interior parts of India, main those without shelter or without minimal winter garment for sustainability. Unfortunately, we could not save them all due to less fund availability but yet these failures are challenging us to increase our perimeters and thereby extend our support to more volume of people each year.


Old Age Home
There is a high need to look after old people in all societies and cultures. This is because of the fact that old people depend on others a lot as they cannot do all their activities on their own. This is why Bhukailash has come up with an old age home that has enabled people to live out the last stage of their lives with minimum necessary facilities available. They have found out that there is a space available near Khidderpore that has 100 beds accommodation. This will enable a lot of people to get refuge in this old age home for free. Bhukailash is doing a monumental work by providing old people without shelter with some sense of solace and peace.

Child Welfare
Bhukailash is by principle more inclined towards 4 basic needs of any human – that is – food, cloth, shelter & education & thereby we intend to increase our perimeters in providing hygienic food, basic education, a permanent shelter for each child -specially to those street children who has chosen child-labour to survive. With the help we receive from you, we want to increase the number of such cases where we successfully reverse those children’s life & try & bring them in to the main stream of our society. We also intend to increase the areas whereby they may learn some creative work like painting, greeting cards, gift items made of jute/cloth/paper etc. so that they might find it helpful to make a living out of it when grown-up.