About Us

Bhukailash Welfare Centre is a charitable organization that has involved in helpingthe underprivileged or below poverty linepeople in India. This organization was established in 1982 at Kidderpore Port areaof Kolkata, India. The mission of the welfare society is to provide health, education, clothes, medication, food, shelter etc. for poor and needy people who reside in slums or roadsides. Bhukailash Welfare Centre is a registered organization that has been registered both at the national and international level. At the national level, they have been registered under Section 80 G of Income Tax Act; and at the international level, they have been registered under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act under Ministry of Home Affairs.
We are also involved in Samaritan activities likesetting up an emergency hospital for the last 25 years at Outram Ghat, Kolkata, India from 8th January to 17th January every yearto serve the poor & needy during winter, who cannot afford to undergo through medical treatments. Our main office bearers are Mr.Rajesh Khaitan (President);, Mr.Sitaram Ray (General Secretary) and Mr.Anil Kumar Saw (Treasurer).

With the support from mass, we intend to construct a charitable hospital, shelter of street children, educational facility for the poor and needy people of society, old age homeand an orphanage. We also plan to promote various awareness programmes like HIV, AIDS, Cancer, Safety of Women and Children, child labour etc. for the benefit and welfare of society.

We also intend to save the maximum number of children possible who are deprived from any education, medication, proper food or shelter and thereby has been forced to become a child labour in our society.

There is a quote from a great person: It is the society who manufactures anti-socials or otherwise no human is an anti-social by birth.

Help us so that we may succeed in extending our help to those children, to whom – having stomach full of meal for 2 times a day is a “dream”.